Community Service Projects

The Chippewa Valley Home Builders Association (CVHBA) members are committed to building a stronger community and proudly give back to projects that enhance the quality of life for area residents. The CVHBA takes great pride in the projects that have been accomplished over the years. Our community outreach includes community service projects, charitable contributions and scholarship endowments.


The CVHBA provides scholarships through the Chippewa Valley Technical College’s Residential Construction and Horticulture programs. 

Community Service Projects

Over the years the Chippewa Valley Home Builders Association has participated in numerous projects throughout the Chippewa Valley.

Check out some of the projects we’ve accomplished:

  • Day of Caring
    United Way Day of Caring (2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2021, 2022, 2023)

    Members have participated in numerous projects through the Chippewa Valley, including: fixing garage doors, building shelves, painting, roofing, building stairs, weeding and landscaping, new flooring, and much more!

  • Jeffers Park
    Jeffers Park Pavilion (2014-2015)

    The Jeffers Park project was a collaboration between the Eau Claire National Little League, Eau Claire Fast Pitch and the City of Eau Claire. We were approached to build the pavilion that would house restrooms, a kitchen area and covered seating for park goers. We broke ground in late 2014 and completed the project in the Spring of 2015. Big thanks to Royal Construction who took point on this project and thanks to the other members who helped make it possible.

  • Children's Museum Barn Exhibit
    Children’s Museum farm Exhibit (2013)

    In 2013 we partnered with the Children's Museum to build the new Farm Exhibit, including the big red barn!  This was a fun project that many members enjoyed working on.

  • Free Clinic Remodel
    Chippewa Valley Free Clinic Remodel (2012)

    In July of 2011 the Chippewa Valley Free Clinic learned they needed to move from their rent-free space. They found a former clinic on the south side of Eau Claire, but it needed some minor remodeling to make it usable to the free clinic. In 2012, the CVHBA's members worked on getting the space ready for this important non-profit.  Some of the work included: creating a service counter, building cabinetry and countertop, replacing paneling with drywall, relocating the generator, painting and much more.

  • Phoenix Park Bathrooms
    Phoenix Park Bathrooms (2010-2011)

    Probably the most visible project in our history, the CVHBA built the Phoenix Park bathrooms located next to the park's pavilion in 2011. The project was led by 2011 CVHBA President, Cody Filicpzak of C&M Home Builders and Real Estate.  Work began on the restrooms in February 2011 and was funded by donated labor by the CVHBA, Business Improvement Districts and local businesses.  This structure is used daily in Eau Claire as Phoenix Park has become a the gathering place for downtown Eau Claire.

  • Altoona Highland Park Pavilion
    City of Altoona Highland Park Pavilion (2009)

    In two days, the members of the CVHBA built a small pavilion at Altoona's Highland Park. 

  • Bridge to Hope Addition
    Bridge to Hope renovation (2008)

    The Bridge to Hope provides support services for women and children who have experienced domestic violence. The CVHBA members made a number of repairs to the shelter, including: removing and replacing a wall, roofing, fire escape, carpeting, painting and more.

  • Family Support Center
    The Family Support Center New Cabinets (2008)

    In 2008, the Family Support Center approached the CVHBA with a need for new cabinets.  Abby's Custom Woodworking graciously donated the new cabinets for this important non-profit organization.

  • Northstar Middle School
    Northstar Middle School Nature Trail Gazebo (2008)

    In 2008, CVHBA members constructed a small gazebo on the Northstar Middle School nature trail. This gazebo is enjoyed by both students and community members as they walk the trail.

  • Cook Rutledge
    Cook Rutledge Mansion Gift Shop Roof (2007)

    A group of CVHBA members and UW-Stout students replaced a roof on the Cook Rutledge Mansion Gift Shop.

  • Cleghorn
    Cleghorn School Park Pavilion (2006)

    The CVHBA worked in conjunction with the Cleghorn School Park Committee on some of the contruction projects involved in removing an old school and turning the property into a park. A pavilion was constructed as part of this project.